2nd Solo CD
Polyphony & Diminution
April 2016





Debut Solo CD
Travels with My Lute
March 2007


2257768_2873311_1458124351Luzzasco Luzzaschi (c. 1545–1607)
Madrigals, Motets, and Instrumental Music

Profeti della Quinta
Theorbo and Viola da gamba



Elam Rotem / Quia Amore Langueo
Song of Songs and Dark Biblical Love Tales. Composed in the Spirit of Early 17th Century Italian Music

Profeti della Quinta
Viola da gamba
Lisa CD

Tiranno Amore

Lisa Magrini’s debut solo CD.
Ryosuke Sakamoto plays theorbo and archlute.



Wege zum Barock

Omnibus CD for early music festival in Basel, 2013.

Ryosuke Sakamoto plays viola da gamba as the member of Il ‘Zabaione Musicale’.

mantovano cd

Il Mantovano Ebreo
Vocal & instrumental music by Salomone Rossi.

Profeti della Quinta
thorbo and Archlute