Recitals in OneDAY tokyo


Sunday, August 7th
Renaissance Lute a la carte
Beloved music by Professionals, Amatuers, Guitarists and Audiences, originally for Renaissance Lute.
Why have they become so famous? So much played, but is that right way to play?

Solo program with music written by Anonymous all over the Europe in 16th century.
After big success of VIVA ANONYMOUS in 2015, the new edition is already arrived.

New Ensemble “Concerto Ripiglino” is founded!

The name Ripiglino is the Italian word for Cat’s Cradle, which is a game played by manipulating string on and around one’s fingers to form different designs. The term “concerto” was initially used during the early baroque period to denote works involving voices and instruments in which each part had an independent line. The combination of these two concepts captures the soundscape of the ensemble.
People noticed the importance of our combination, but almost nobody have done it seriously into the really performance practice. Consort music is not closed but OPEN!!

2nd Solo CD Project is going on.


Thanks! My Crowdfounding project reached the amount on Dec. 15th, 2014

NEWS! Small audio example has arrived from our recording engineer Mr. Niederstadt!

After 9 years absence, my 2nd Solo CD Project with renaissance lute is now going on.
Already recorded materials under the theme “Polyphony and Diminution”, which is great essential of renaissance music, between 12th and 17th of October in Kloster Beinwil (SO, CH), where Hopy, my teacher, made my favorite recordings other days.

For this project, Crowd-founding project is still opening. This website is unfortunately written in Japanese. However in case you are interested to take part in, please have a contact with me. It must be a sensational recording for all lute players and lovers.