Ryosuke Sakamoto のすべての投稿

Biography [English] RYOSUKE SAKAMOTO was born in Nara (Japan). At the age of three, he first became interested in early music performance under the influence of his parents. He began to play medieval plucked instruments, later studied lute and the viola da gamba. He appeared in many concert in Japan, both as solo player and emsemble player, including the work with Bach Collegium Japan. In 2007, the year of his graduation at Tokyo University (bachelor degree on aesthetics) he released his solo CD 'Travels with my Lute' from Musica Rediviva (MRCD-013), recorded in Sweden, where he spent three years in his yourth. He moved to Switzerland in 2008 and currently studies lute and various plucked instruments at Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (SCB) in Basel, with prof. Hopkinson Smith. He is going to do his Masterconcert in June 2011, mostly focusing on 16th century repertoire for the lute Biographie [Deutsche] Ryosuke Sakamoto wurde in Nara/Japan geboren. Bereits im Alter von drei Jahren begann er sich unter dem Einfluss seiner Eltern für alte Musik zu interessieren. Er fing an, mittelalterliche Zupfinstrumente zu spielen und studierte später gleichzeitig Laute und Viola da gamba. Er gab viele Konzerte in Japan, sowohl als Solist als auch im Ensemble, unter anderem mit dem Bach Collegium Japan. Im Jahre 2007, dem Jahr seines Universitätsabschlusses in Tokio (Bachelor Degree on Aesthetics), brachte er seine erste Solo-CD Travels with my Lute bei Musica Rediviva heraus. Die CD wurde in Schweden aufgenommen, wo er in seiner Jugend drei Jahre lang gelebt hat. Ryosuke Sakamoto kam im Jahre 2008 in die Schweiz und studiert seit dieser Zeit Laute und verwandte Zupfinstrumente an der Schola Cantorum Basiliensis bei Prof. Hopkinson Smith. In seinem bevorstehenden Masterkonzert, welches im Juni 2011 stattfinden soll, wird er sich mehrheitlich auf das Lauten-Repertoire des 16. Jahrhunderts konzentrieren.



『今さら聞けないルネサンスリュート名曲選』と『アノニマス礼讃II ~スイスの女・漁師の男~』にご来場いただきありがとうございました。えびらホールはリュート・ソロにぴったりで気持ちよく弾かせていただきました。
またお客様からアノニマスの某曲についてヒントをいただくなど、ライブならではの体験も。また10月の『DE MISSIONE MUSICORUM 音楽による宣教の旅』をよろしくお願いします!

Recitals in OneDAY tokyo


Sunday, August 7th
Renaissance Lute a la carte
Beloved music by Professionals, Amatuers, Guitarists and Audiences, originally for Renaissance Lute.
Why have they become so famous? So much played, but is that right way to play?

Solo program with music written by Anonymous all over the Europe in 16th century.
After big success of VIVA ANONYMOUS in 2015, the new edition is already arrived.

New Ensemble “Concerto Ripiglino” is founded!

The name Ripiglino is the Italian word for Cat’s Cradle, which is a game played by manipulating string on and around one’s fingers to form different designs. The term “concerto” was initially used during the early baroque period to denote works involving voices and instruments in which each part had an independent line. The combination of these two concepts captures the soundscape of the ensemble.
People noticed the importance of our combination, but almost nobody have done it seriously into the really performance practice. Consort music is not closed but OPEN!!